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Why we wear a Uniform?

There are a number of reasons why having a dress code is important to our studio and values. At Dance Vibez we have a wide range of uniform options for students to choose between. From T-Shirts to hoodies, crop tops to leotards there’s plenty of comfortable options for your dancer to choose between which have been designed specifically for that style of dance. Read on to find out why we believe wearing a uniform is important.

Each item of clothing and footwear which has been chosen for each class is designed with the dancer and the dancer’s safety in mind. Zips and loose tires for example can be hazardous when performing certain moves. It is also really important in certain classes that we can see a dancer’s body alignment and posture. So we ask them to wear tight fitting clothing. Some might assume then that street dance does not require a uniform but there is more to it than just the practicality of it.

In all of our classes we teach the students about the history of the dance. We respect the history and the culture of the dance by wearing items that are associated with those styles. We wear leotards or tight fitting sets in Fuzion classes where we practice our jazz technique and we wear oversized t-shirts and hoodies in our street classes where we learn about our Bart Simpsons.

We have combined our love of fashion with our need for practical uniform items to create our clothing range. We are always complemented on our dancers appearance and their clothing – something which we are very proud of! When all students are wearing uniform, they feel like they are part of the team. We want them to take pride in being part of our school and being a part of our team. We want them to feel the same sense of pride as we do.

When creating and rehearsing show routines and competition crew routines students should dance in time with another and in unison. Wearing a uniform greatly helps this feeling of unity and it definitely looks much cleaner and more professional when we create class videos and photos of their training when everyone is in uniform!
Uniforms can act as a visual cue for younger students that they are at dance class. Uniforms are a reminder that there are rules to follow and respect in the classroom. If a child, for example, comes dressed in the same clothes that they were wearing out to play then they may forget that they need to change their behaviour when stepping into the studio and they need to be ready to dance! 

A tidy appearance makes for a focused dancer. When you feel ready for a specific class and look the part, you will dance the part! For each style of dance we have specific items of clothing that will make you feel like a professional and feeling that way you will dance to the best of your ability.