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ID Company Teacher Training

Principals Laura and Kim continued their lockdown learning and are now qualified ID Company Members and Teachers in Contemporary and Street Dance. Here is what they had to say. 

We have been searching for a while now for an organisation to put our dancers through exams that were both authentic and in keeping with the respective styles and culture and were also recognised within the wider dance community. ID Company offers a very high standard of training and is relevant in today’s industry. It offered in depth training,  teaching all aspects of the style including the history of the dance, the syllabus, set routines and also how to teach and break it all down for our students.

Laura has expanded her knowledge of Contemporary over lockdown and has worked hard to adapt to a new style, syllabus and technique and worked with the Director of ID Company himself, Ryan Jenkins, for the 2 day intensive.

“Ryan was such an inspiring teacher and course leader – having travelled the World dancing in Broadway shows, choreographing movies and TV programmes and dancing at the highest level – he had lots of knowledge and insight to pass on and even some funny stories about Abbie Lee Miller and other famous choreographers. Other teachers and  professional dancers joined me on the course  and regardless of their professional credentials we all felt that we learned alot. We had to demonstrate many of the exercises and routines ourselves but being able to do it yourself is just one element. The course taught you how to successfully break it down and teach it to your students and how to adapt it depending on their age and ability. I learned so much and it has spurred me on to do more. So next up will be a course in Jumps and Turns so our dancers can spin and leap across our studio in the same way as the cast of a Broadway show!” Laura

Kim had a little less pressure as Street Dance has been at the heart of Dance Vibez since Day 1 and we have always taught the history, foundations and kept up to date but she was put through her paces by 3 of the best in the industry Kieron Providence, Matt Walker and T Damien Anyasi. As always there was still lots to learn.

“It reignited my love for House and Waacking and it was great to receive such lovely feedback from the professionals. It definitely pushed me to want to get back into training myself – a fab little confidence boost after a year of not much training myself. The styles I was less confident with, such as breaking and popping, turned out to be the most useful as applying what I already knew alongside the course material, made such a big difference and I really surprised myself with how much I enjoyed them. I am so excited to get back into the studio refreshed and ready to get our technique on point!” Kim